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From Annuals & Perennials to Wool Products

The garden center is open year-round and carries a variety of different products for each season.

In the spring and summer, we carry a wide selection of seeds, vegetable and fruit starts, herbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Prep your flower and garden beds with our bagged and bulk soils, mulches, river rock and gravel.

In the fall we offer a colorful palette of mums, dried cornstalks, and pumpkins for decorating.

In the winter we have an assortment of gift items and homemade wool products from our very own flock of Jacob and Montadale sheep. We also offer handmade Christmas wreaths, poinsettias, cemetery logs, grave blankets and cut Christmas trees.

We have products from our farm available year-round in the shop. Our freezer is stocked with beef and lamb sold by the pound. Our wool corner has rovings for spinning or needle felting, dyes, homespun yarns, woven rugs, dryer balls, pelts and additional wool items. Most of the wool products list the name of the sheep that provided the wool!

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